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What We Believe

Our proudly interdisciplinary team uses the power of intentional, emotional engineering to translate the subjective into the objective. We build holistic, system-based, networked products to skyrocket companies to the next phase of workplace synergy and customer attention.

Today, workers have moved beyond just being bodies integrated into the machine of an assembly line. We are the cutting edge of the new knowledge and creative class.

Work is how we express ourselves.

Work is how we realize our true purpose and calling in life.

Work is personal for us.


We believe it's about high time someone addressed our needs from a holistic view. It's time we think about the workplace not just as a place of work, but also as a place of personal fulfillment, 

It's more important than ever to make sure that company culture aligns with one's personal experience. But when company culture is built from the micro-transactions of one-on-one interactions, how do we ensure all those interactions are positive? With engineering, social science, and breakthroughs in neural interfacing.


We build a solution engineered to last. A solution that doesn't rely on the goodwill of individual employees day after day, and is less volatile than a human personality. A solution that translates the subjective into the objective – into a realm where we can accurately assess to what degree it is working, and pinpoint where it is failing. A solution that lets us track an entire interaction, from start to finish, and tweak every step of the pipeline to personalize the interaction and make sure it is received correctly.


We believe in offering a permanent solution to the hard problem of cultivating company culture.



“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” For many workers, their job is not just a source of income, but a place where they find purpose and self-fulfillment. We build solutions to automate purposeless work and enhance purposeful work.​


Impact is mediated intention. To debug an interaction or a product, we use the intended outcome as the blueprint for the bug-free solution. We focus on intention, rather than impact, to keep our ideals and personal purposes front and center, allowing them to guide our decision-making.


Products are better when the people making them care about them. We keep people front and center of our mission because this emotional connection isn’t ever just person-to-product. It is person-to-person, both person-to-customer, and person-to-coworker. We care for our people. 


A solution that relies on the goodwill of employees to be implemented is not a solution. Our solutions embed their purpose inside their form. We build robust objects and infrastructures to execute a solution across a network of agents, rather than placing the burden of execution on individuals.


Everything and everyone exists as part of various interconnected systems. An interaction or a product is never considered outside of its larger context. Cascading impacts are kept in mind when any change is proposed. Holistic views over myopic ones at all times.


Technology that is built only by programmers is built to fail. We intentionally and thoughtfully design and build by consulting experts in relevant fields. Experts are involved in every step of the production process, from first sketches to rolling bug fixes, to predict future impact on different areas of life.


People are complex and nuanced, with unique paradigms, identities and life experiences. There is no one-size-fits-all perfect solution for everyone. We integrate personalization (both automatic and user-specified) wherever possible to consistently deliver the highest quality product to users.


Truth is specific to an individual. To build tools that address this ever-changing, perception-mediated reality, we acknowledge someone's role in changing what they perceive and how they process it. We continually strive to fight for the validity and merit of this radically relational way of knowing.



Life@Work was founded by Fay Kristoff after she left the messaging service Gondola in the wake of its Reconnect Request Fallout.


During her time there as a software engineer, she became aware of the underlying one-on-one emotional and interactional systems that underscored the company culture she had been so attracted to. She also noticed that much of that work was done without oversight or accountability; workers were never explicitly asked to do the work of building community, but their products suffered if they didn’t. Unintended misalignments in intention and impact of various interactions would do far-reaching damage to company ethos. A subset of the workers had to put in the same energy every day to calibrate interactions and work to intentionally cultivate a productive atmosphere.


Fay realized there was a need for a more permanent solution to cultivate company culture with the power of intentional, emotional engineering. She quit Gondola and founded Life@Work, bringing together a team of experts on neural interfacing chemistry, object-oriented ontology, emotional management, artificial intelligence and workplace sociology.

A Message from our CEO

I am extremely lucky, because at Life@Work I get to work with some amazing people, who really care about their work. I’m talking in-the-office-until-midnight, 996, send-emails-with-50-exclamation-points care about their work. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to convince myself I’m not dreaming!


My team has taught me that the best products are built by teams where every individual cares about what they’re building. They all have an emotional connection to PEP (trust me, I’ve seen their daily PEP reports!) – and that shows in our final work.


PEP was built with care and with attention. And not just any care and attention, but the care and attention of these amazingly bright, talented, emotionally intelligent, nurturing leaders. I can’t thank them enough for all the work they’ve put in day after day!


To our customers – thank you!

To my wonderful co-workers – thank you!

To you reading this – thank you!


Without you all, my hope for a more intentionally emotional workplace would never have become a reality. <3

With care, 

Fay Kristoff

Fay Kristoff

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