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Not Just Data

We all know how powerful data is, and PEP collects a lot of it. But all that data is useless if you don't know how to translate it into action. Lucky for you, PEP for managers™ comes equipped with an easy-to-use, integrated tool suite.

Overseeable Data Aggregation

PEP reports are automatically sent to managers, offering an overseeable, fully logged interaction chain. No longer do you have to worry about an individual employee’s behavior impacting team dynamics when you’re not in the room. With PEP, you’re always there, and you’re always helping your employees be the best they can possibly be.

These reports can be viewed individually or in aggregate, offering insight into the personal wellbeing of your workers, as well as overall team health. Superstar workers can be rewarded for their dedication by being placed on company-wide leaderboards or given monetary appreciation. You can even integrate PEP with tools you already use, like Slack or Thanksbot. 

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Holistic Accountability

Because PEP works round the clock, 24/7, you can reward workers for the work they’re doing outside of work that helps them increase their productivity. Special rewards can be given to workers who are demonstrate a commitment to their own mental, physical, and emotional health. You can even talk to your healthcare provider about offering specially-priced plans to employees who demonstrate holistic health. 

Employee Purpose Recalibration

As a manager, you have access to a specialized suite of PEP profile adjustments for your employees. 

Dopamine and serotonin have been statistically linked to higher levels of commitment and focus, as well as feelings of happiness and fulfillment. You can provide them at the neural level as an immediate reward upon task completion. That way, you can help employees hack their own biological systems to align their work habits with their personal purpose.


No longer do employees have to carry the guilt and shame of procrastination. They can train themselves to be better, without needing to rely on fallible, high-input-energy-dependent choices like discipline and self-motivation. Instead, PEP can help them build chemical infrastructures to hold them accountable to their goals. With PEP, you no longer need to strive to be your ideal self. Instead, you can simply use PEP to align your ingrained biological wants with the higher level wants of your ideal self. 


Team-wide Morale Boosts

For an extra boost of motivation, you can adjust employees’ chemical rebalance factors for particularly high impact times, like the week before a big project is due. 


You can also set more granular personal rebalance calibration settings for everyday tasks, helping your employees prioritize their work effectively. By sending out larger doses of dopamine and serotonin for some tasks over others, you can indicate the relative importance of these tasks and (because PEP works at the neural level), you can simultaneously link the completion of these tasks to the most optimized human reward system known today: brain chemicals!

Options at all Stages

Workers whose productivity is slipping or whose company culture contribution is weak can be flagged by PEP. Managers can go through a play-by-play rerun of an employee’s interactions to identify missed moments of connection or increased levels of inauthentic behavior. PEP can then work with the manager to identify a course of action to take to integrate the employee back onto the team and align them with their purpose.


In extreme cases PEP can help develop a gradual phase out plan for an employee to help them recalibrate their goals prior to leaving their current employment for something better-suited to them. When they move on to new work, they'll feel like it was the right move and the right moment to do so. No need to worry about disgruntled employees wrecking all your databases and customer relations on their last day with security clearance!

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