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Bringing the Personal to PEP

We recognize that someone’s performance at work can be impacted by a myriad of factors outside of work. That's why each PEP hub comes equipped with special features to improve employee's personal lives.

Personalized PEP Assistant

This assistant does everything your other digital assistants do and more. Built on your personal profile, the PEP assistant can handle all of the mundane tasks that take up your precious time, so that you have more time to do the purpose-fulfilling work you're meant to do. And, it does it all as the best version of you!

The PEP assistant can: 

  • schedule appointments

  • answer emails

  • send birthday wishes

  • generate shopping lists

  • and so much more!

Kid Playing with Bubble

Personalized Child Care

Raising children is important, but raising them well can take a lot of time and attention. While we can't fully clone you (yet!), PEP can offer the next best thing: allowing your children to feel your presence, even if you're not physically there.

Children can be outfitted with their own SEND pods and PEP hubs, for in-home, simulated, personalized child care, freeing up more time for you to get things done. 

Personalized Self Care

How you feel at home, and how you process your time at work impacts your performance in the workplace.


Your personalized PEP assistant can act as an at-home therapist and medication manager. Because PEP is with you the whole day, there’s no lost time needed for you to recount what you've been doing or what bothered you. Instead, PEP can automatically offer personalized care, and adjust chemical and hormonal balances at the neural interface where it sits, leaving you happier, healthier, and more excited to come into work.

And, because your entire team is outfitted with PEP, you can rest assured that everyone's emotional health is being fully taken care of. No more weird cases of people lashing out!


Personalized Look

PEP is nuanced. Because you're nuanced!

The world is complex, and people are complex, and there might be elements of your experience that your PEP-collected data profile can’t fully capture. That's why we offer you the ability to personalize PEP yourself. You can reskin your personal PEP assistant to your taste, so that you feel like the two-person team that you are!

A new reskin for your personal PEP assistant can be built from data streams that you privately provide. We recommend providing data streams from people you get along with really well, like: 

  • text messages with your partner (or past partners! We won't tell!) 

  • social media posts from your wholesome mom

  • photos of your favorite celebrities

  • the public PEP data of your favorite co-workers

Happy customizing!